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Employment Dispute Lawyers – ML Expert Solicitors; Are you an employer in search of expert employment dispute lawyers to offer advice assistance and representation from your organisation within the UK? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who have particular expertise in the fields of employment and commercial law and could work with you to protect the best interests of your organisation if you are involved in a dispute with an employee either at employment tribunal hearing by alternative dispute resolution methods.

Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article on 1 November 2012 reporting on various recent employment tribunal cases and discussed that of Ajayi v The Apuldram Centre [2012] All ER (D) 182 (Sep).

The article tells us that "A part-time support worker appealed against the tribunal’s dismissal of claims of race discrimination and victimisation".

It further explains that "The employee who was of black African origin was employed as a part-time support worker. She worked for more than 20 hours a week and worked elsewhere for other employers. She was summarily dismissed after an investigation of allegations of misconduct followed by disciplinary proceedings. She presented the following claims to an employment tribunal: unfair dismissal; automatic unfair dismissal for making protected disclosures; direct race discrimination; victimisation; wrongful dismissal; and unpaid holiday pay. The employee withdrew a claim for automatic unfair dismissal."

Has an employee or former employee threatened or brought employment tribunal action against you following a dispute within the workplace for which you now require expert advice and representation from specialist lawyers within the UK? Then you should consult with the extremely dedicated and highly skilled legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors over a no obligation call to discover how our experts could work with you and strive to achieve the best possible outcome available to you from an out of court settlement by alternative dispute resolution methods such as conciliation or arbitration to reach a swift and cost-effective solution but could also provide robust legal representation to protect the best interests of your organisation at employment tribunal hearing if this is unavoidable.

The above-mentioned article goes on to say that "In respect of the race discrimination claim the employee alleged that the employer had treated her as favourably on the grounds of her race in respect of the disciplinary allegations that she had claimed and received pay for a hours which she had not actually worked. A further act of discrimination relied upon was that the employer had used the employee’s written difficulties with the English language as a pretext to reaching the decision that the employee was guilty of gross misconduct. In respect of the claim to victimisation the employee contended that she had made protected axe by her complaints of racial discrimination or harassment against the employer and the client and she claimed as the detriment her dismissal and non-payment of notice. The implement tribunal held inter-alia that the employee had been unfairly and wrongful dismissed. However the tribunal dismissed the race dissemination claim and victimisation claim."

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