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Employment Dispute Lawyers – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you in search of expert employment dispute lawyers who could provide advice and representation to your organisation in York? The highly qualified and experienced legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could guide and assist your organisation with various methods of alternative dispute resolution to strive to achieve a swift and cost-effective solution to the issue but could also provide robust legal representation at an employment tribunal hearing to protect your business interests if the dispute escalates to litigation proceedings.

On 29 July 2013 Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article discussing recent employment tribunal hearings including that of Donelan v The Prince’s Trust [2013] All ER (D) 288 (Jun).

The article summarises that "The EAT allowed the employer’s appeal in a case where the employee had alleged that she had been subjected to disability related discrimination and harassment. The appeal was based on the tribunal failure to appreciate the need or a comparator."

We are told that "The employee was an administrative assistant. In March 2009 she had been absent the seven weeks. Over a period of time the employer obtain several occupational health reports. There were three unsuccessful attempts at a phased return to work. A fourth phased return was attempted when the employee failed to complete it the employer convened an investigatory meeting. She was then told that her absence had been considered a matter of capability beyond her control but that it would be dealt with under the employer’s disciplinary procedure."

Are you involved in employment dispute with an employee who has threatened legal action against you for which you now require expert advice and representation from skilled lawyers for your company in York? The intelligent resource for and driven legal personnel and Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide robust legal representation that you need to protect the best interests of your business following a dispute with an employee.

The above-mentioned article further explains that the employer had been continuously have been absent due to ill health and again failed to attend the second investigatory meeting and after the expiry of her medical certificate was invited to a disciplinary. She had been diagnosed as having severe anxiety and fatigue from which her consultant had concluded that she was unfit for work. Based on the view that the employee was unfit to resume any kind of employment the employer terminated her employment contract on medical grounds. We also informed that internal appeals made by the employee were dismissed due to which she then started proceedings before the tribunal.

The article says "The tribunal held that the employee had been subject to disability related discolouration and harassment" and the employer then appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.It was found that "There was nothing to suggest that the employer had treated the employee less favourably than others". The article concludes by telling us that "The evidence before the tribunal indicated that a nondisabled person would have been treated in the same way. The claims of disability related discrimination and harassment would be dismissed."

If you need expert legal assistance to help you achieve the best possible outcome available to you from an employment dispute within your workplace you should consult the specialists in employment lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors to advise and represent your organisation in York on: 0113 200 9720.


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