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On April 30 2013 Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article outlining recent employment tribunal case details including that of Bancroft v Interserve (Facilities Management) Ltd [2013] All ER (D) 183 (Mar).

The article summarises that "An employee was dismissed at the request of a third-party. The issue was whether the tribunal had correctly considered whether the employer had to do everything in its power to mitigate this injustice."

It explains "The employee was a chef at a bail hostel written by a probation trust. The trust had a service contract with the employer. The employee had a difficult relationship with the hostel manager L who was employed by the trust. L and made a number of complaints against the employee but not of those headlights disciplinary action. In September 2010 the employee was subject to disciplinary proceedings in relation to an incident involving a colleague and was given a first and final warning. During the proceedings L had requested by his superiors that the employee be removed from his post whatever the outcome of the disciplinary. The result was that the employee after refusing a potential redeployment was dismissed. The employee brought an action for unfair dismissal. The tribunal found a dismissal to be fair. The employee appealed."

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The above-mentioned article then goes on to say that the tribunal had been wrong and an appeal would be allowed saying "An employer has to do everything that is reasonable to avoid or mitigate the injustice brought about by the standards of the client requested dismissal of an employee. It could try to do this by persuading the client to change his or her mind and if that was not possible by trying to find alternative work. However if this fails any eventual dismissal would be fair. The outcome might remain a just but that was not the result of any unreasonableness on the part of the employer."

The article concludes that the outcome was that "the claim would be remitted to the tribunal findings of the identified issue and for it to reach a conclusion on the fairness of the dismissal and the correct approach in law".

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