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Employment Law Dismissal – MLS; Are you in search of employment and commercial law experts to advise and represent your organisation as a tribunal claim has been brought by a former employee following their dismissal from your company within the UK? Then look no further than the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our dedicated team could provide robust legal representation to work to ensure your business interests are protected if tribunal action has been brought against you by a former employee for unfair dismissal.

Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article on 25 January 2013 reporting on recent employment tribunal cases including that of SPS Technologies Ltd v Chughtai [2012] All ER (D) 254 (Dec).

The article summarises that "A worker was dismissed for falsifying records. An employment tribunal found his dismissal unfair on the grounds ? among others ? that is immediate line manager was treated differently which "fatally undermine the integrity of the disciplinary process". However the EAT overturned this decision."

It explains that "The employer SPS Technologies a subsidiary of a large U.S.-based company specialises in the manufacture of fasteners for the aerospace industry. This is a safety critical industry where the failure of a product can result in a catastrophe and loss of life. The employee had worked for SPS Technologies as a laboratory controller. He ensured that tests carried out on various aircraft parts showed they had been manufactured to an appropriate standard. The employer is Code of Conduct demanded that they be no compromise on safety standards and required all records to be 100% accurate. Is disciplinary policy cites falsification of company records as an example of gross misconduct."

Have you had employment tribunal claim issued against you by a former employee for the failure of your organisation to comply with current law on dismissal in the UK? If the employee has taken legal action against your business as they feel they were dismissed unfairly from your organisation the highly skilled legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could work with you to strive to achieve the best possible outcome available to you from an out of court settlement reached by alternative dispute resolution methods to ensure a solution is found quickly and cost effectively but could also provide outstanding legal representation should litigation proceedings be unavoidable.

The above-mentioned article goes on to say that "Inventory 2011 a ‘whistleblowing complaint’ was received at the employer’s head office claiming that Chughtai had ‘fabricated stress durability test results.’ The allegation was investigated and Chughtai openly admitted falsifying records. However he claimed to have done so with the knowledge and approval of the line manager F. Chughtai was dismissed after a period of suspension. F denying any knowledge of the falsification of records was not suspended; and a thorough investigation into his activities failed to prove that he had falsified data or committed any wrongdoing."

The employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors could advise and represent your organisation if an unfair dismissal tribunal claim has been brought against you by a former employee wherever you are in the UK working to protect the best interests of your business; so consult with our extremely helpful advisers today over a no obligation call to discover how our team could help you on: 0113 200 9720.


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