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The Times Higher Education published an article on 21 August 2008 written by Diane Gilhooley discussing when the dismissal takes effect following the negotiation of the termination of the contract of employment.

The article says that “It is not uncommon to an employer and an employee to agree to part company on mutually agreed terms. Often the employee will stay away from work until terms of the termination of employment are agreed which will typically be contained in a ‘compromise agreement’. The compromise agreement will contain a termination date which could be a date before or after the date of the agreement is signed.”

The article then discusses what could happen if negotiations break down after the agreed termination date.

It is reported that the question of whether or not the employee’s employment is still regarded as having terminated on that date was recently considered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) following a claim for unfair dismissal brought by a teacher.

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A further extract from the above-mentioned article says that “Employers will often wish to identify a termination date when seeking to negotiate a compromise agreement not least because it will give both parties and incentive to reach settlement terms promptly. However if the proposed compromise agreement is not underpinned by a potentially fair reason the dismissal the employer will inevitably be in a much weaker negotiating position.” It is reported that this may have been the problem that was encountered by the council in the unfair dismissal case of the teacher mentioned above.

The article advises “To avoid this situation employers should always ensure that they are in a position to refer to a formal dismissal procedure in the event the negotiations to become protracted or breakdown”.

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