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The Retail Gazette published an article on Monday 6 August 2012 written by Gemma Taylor reporting that "Poundland ‘slave labour’ case rejected".

The article says that "Work schemes which seek to get unemployed people back into work have been deemed lawful by a High Court judge today following claims by an ex-poundland worker that non-paid programs were tantamount to slave labour".

It explains that "Government-backed schemes have been found not to breach human rights by Mr Justice Foskett as he made his judgement based on a claim by unemployed graduate Cait Reilly who said along with another claimant Jamieson Wilson that working for free violated article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights against forced labour and slavery."

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The above-mentioned article tells us that "Noting that Poundland’s voluntary work scheme is lawful the judicial review also found that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) can continue to help people gain experience and required skills to aid them in getting full-time work. In his ruling Mr Justice Foskett noted that the Convention was initially set up to tackle ‘colonial exploitation of labour’ and that modern times have seen the scope of the article change."

It is reported that Mr Justice Foskett said: "The convention is of course a living instrument capable of development to meet modern conditions and views may reasonably differ about the merits of a scheme that requires individuals to ‘work for their benefits’ as a means of assisting them back into the workplace. However characterising such a scheme is evolving or being analogous to ‘slavery’ or ‘forced labour’ seems to me to be a long way from contemporary thinking."

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