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Employment Law Legal Advice – ML Solicitors; Are you seeking the help of a team of employment law experts in order to gain valuable legal advice in regards to any employment concerns you have with your business that is based in Wakefield?

Then look no further than the highly skilled and dedicated experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be happy to speak to you on an obligation basis to discuss your situation and advise you accordingly.

Whatever the reason you need help you will be advised on your options from the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors. So if you require help drafting a new employment contract or if you would like to ensure that the information in your employee handbook is up-to-date and falls in line with the relevant legislation and procedures then Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help you.

You will be provided with a dedicated legal expert who will get to know your business to ensure that they are doing everything that they can to make sure it runs smoothly and your employees have no reason to bring a claim against you at an employment tribunal.

Can I speak to an employment law expert at Michael Lewin Solicitorsas I require legal advice on where I stand in regards to a claim being brought against me at an employment tribunal in Wakefield by a former employee?

If you have an employment disputes in which the employee has brought a claim against you at an employment tribunal anywhere in the country then the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to speak to you on a no obligation basis to discuss the situation and advise you and how they can help you.

The experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors understand how difficult it is to keep up-to-date with current legislation and how this unfortunately sometimes leads to employees making claims against employers who are not aware of the current legislation for example procedures surrounding grievances and disciplinaries.

An article was published on the Xpert HR website recently asking the question ?what is the maximum amount of costs that the tribunal may order an employer to pay if it loses the case??

The article went on to answer this question by stating:

?Under the Employment Tribunals Act 1996 and the Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2004 (SI 2004/1861) the maximum costs award that may be made by a tribunal is œ10000 in relation to a case submitted to the tribunal before 6 April 2012. In relation to cases submitted to the tribunal on or after 6 April 2012 the maximum costs award is œ20000.?

So if you are looking for a dedicated employment law expert in the hopes of gaining legal advice in regards to a claim brought against you by a former employee then contact Michael Lewin Solicitors today on 0113 200 9720to discuss your situation and receive valuable advice on your options whether you are based in Wakefield or anywhere else in the country.


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