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Do you think that you are ready to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about employment law on a no win no fee basis to access the right kind of solicitors that you need in Bristol? Have you decided that the conditions that you have been exposed to at your place of work are not concurrent with what is in your contract and would now like to discuss with an expert whether compensation could be an option for you? Do you believe that the way in which your employer has behaved towards you is inappropriate leading you to want to find out more about employment law and how compensation claims operate?

We received a claim from a client called Mr S who explained that he had been working as a driver of heavy goods vehicles for approximately 8 months. The claimant was dismissed for gross misconduct for falsifying expenses. The conditions of the falsifying of expenses were under dispute hence the enquiry from the claimant about whether gross misconduct was actually applicable on this occasion.

The claimant explained that there was an irregularity with which he had to pay back certain amounts of money for travelling expenses as he had not been advised clearly how to operate these kinds of processes. Mr S enquired with Michael Lewin Solicitors about the eligibility of this dismissal as he believed that it could potentially be a case for unfair dismissal. Michael Lewin are experts in cases for unfair dismissal and should there be the relevant information available it is possible that compensation could be an option.

Have you been exposed to a situation in which you believe that you have been wrongly dismissed and would like to get advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about employment law on a no win no fee basis by contacting the correct solicitors in Bristol? Do you believe that your case could potentially be successful and would like to analyse the details with an expert in employment law?

Unfair dismissals can occur on occasions when an individual may be dismissed instantly for gross misconduct but the dismissal was not actually legitimate. If it can be proven that gross misconduct was not relevant in the case of the dismissal of a client it can potentially create a case for compensation.

By contacting our team at Michael Lewin Solicitors we will be able to use all of the details surrounding your case to decide whether it would be eligible for a claim. An unfair dismissal can result in compensation for the victim if they have been asked to leave their place of employment in an inappropriate manner. An unfair dismissal will mean that an employee has been wrongfully subjected to a termination of the contract without sufficient evidence to suggest that they have been performing detrimentally or in a fashion that their behaviour was not considered acceptable within the company.

If you are ready to speak to an expert about employment law on a no win no fee basis or speak to solicitors in particular fields you can contact Michael Lewin Solicitors by filling out the contact form on the right of this page.

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