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Kent Online published an article on 2 July 2013 written by Alex Claridge reports that "University of Kent faces œ750000 age discrimination claim from 60-year-old lecturer Stephen Games".

The article tells us that "A lecturer has launched a œ750000 ageism claim against the University of Kent after he failed to secure a job in its architecture department. Steve Games 60 told an employment tribunal the university tailored the job specification towards younger candidates with PhDs while architectural students of his generation rarely went on to do doctorates."

It further explains that "He told the hearing in Ashford it was only since 1986 architecture students were encouraged to pursue PhDs. His financial claim of œ750000 is based upon him working for another 15 years with the possibility of promotions."

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The above-mentioned article tells us that speaking after the two-day hearing Mr Games said: "I have told the university that I don’t want the money I want the job. There is no reason why I shouldn’t go on working until I am 75 but because I was making a claim through the employment tribunal I was forced to monterise the amount. But is not about the money it’s about the job."

It is also reported that "He told the hearing the job specification could have stressed ‘the qualities of the candidate’ rather than the candidate’s certificate".

However in their defence the University of Kent insists that "Mr Games has enough time in his 30 year degree to obtain a doctorate as others in his age group had done".

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