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Employment Law Solicitors – MLS; Are you in search of expert employment law solicitors who could provide advice and assistance to your organisation in York? The highly qualified and experienced legal personality Michael Lewin Solicitors specialise in the fields of employment and commercial law and could provide a wide range of services to your company to ensure that it operates smoothly and in full compliance with all current legislation.

An article published by This is Nottingham from the Nottingham Post on Wednesday July 31 2013 reports that "Justice out of reach of ordinary people".

The article tells us that "A City Labour MP has hit out at government plans to charge in early œ1000 for workers seeking employment tribunals. They would have to pay œ160 Lodge a claim and œ230 of the case went ahead but depending on the severity of the case the bill could rise to œ950."

It goes on to say that Nottingham North MP Graham Allen thinks the plans "take Justice and the law out of the reach of ordinary people." He is reported to have said "First it was cuts in Legal Aid now its fees to access any sort of justice. The Tory Heath government (which introduced Employment Tribunals) fell well short of the tactics used by this post Thatcher Con-Dem administration which seems hell-bent on ensuring privilege for those born with a silver spoon."

Has an employee or former employee brought a tribunal claim against you for breaches in employment law for which you now seek the expert legal advice and representation of specialist solicitors for your organisation in York? Then you should call the intelligent resourceful and highly driven legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our experts could provide robust legal representation at an employment tribunal hearing to work to protect your business interests but could also help you achieve a swift and cost-effective solution from alternative dispute resolution methods.

The above-mentioned article however also reports that Justice Minister Helen Grant said: "We will monitor the impact very very carefully on women and other individuals with protected characteristics to ensure justice and fairness is done. And if it is not done of course we will look at it again."

She also is reported to have added: "It cost œ74 million per annum to run the employment tribunal system and we genuinely feel that users who can afford to pay should do so."

The employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide a wide range of services to your organisation in York that include advice and assistance in the drafting of company policies and procedures business and employment contracts and settlement agreements as well is provide guidance for and help manage employment disputes and offer outstanding litigation services; so consult with our helpful advisers today over a no obligation call to discuss your business requirements on: 0113 200 9720.


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