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The Publican’s Morning Advertiser published an article on 6 June 2013 by Helen Gilbert reporting that "An industry stalwart has blasted the use of zero hours employment contracts in the sector claiming they could deter people from pursuing a career in the pub world".

It says that "Keith Knowles chairman of the Perceptions Group and CEO of Beds & Bars said there was "no justification" for the use of the contracts in which workers are put on standby without a guaranteed minimum amount of work or pay".

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The above-mentioned article further explains that "His comments come after Lord Oakeshott the Lib Dems’ former Treasury spokesman last week called for an end to ‘standby’ job contracts as it emerged that Parliament uses them too. Knowles told how he was horrified to discover that his daughter had been taken of the shift at a big venue and was sent home unpaid because trade was quiet."

He is reported to have said "I couldn’t believe anybody would do that but horror of horrors [I found out] my own company Beds & Bars did it and I didn’t know. I banned the practice a year and a half ago."

The article adds that "Knowles cautioned that use of these contracts in the pub industry was sending the wrong message and in some cases workers’pay might be so marginal it might not be worth going to work".

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