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Employment Lawyers – MLS; Are you seeking expert employment lawyers in Yorkshire to advise and assist your organisation in the UK? The highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could offer advice that is tailored to suit your business requirements ensuring that you are fully aware of any implications or risks involved in a particular course of action to ensure that you make fully informed decision for your company as well as providing guidance with regards to the resolution of employment disputes and outstanding litigation services.

An article posted in the blogs for HR Review by Marc Belaiche on July 12 2013 offering advice on “how to create an amazing work environment”.

The article goes on to say that “Most managers strive to create a workplace where their employees look forward to coming to work every day and the team works effectively and efficiently together through the day”.

Are you an employer involved in an employment dispute requiring advice and representation from specialist lawyers in Yorkshire with a comprehensive understanding of UK employment legislation? The employment law experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide the advice and assistance that you need with regards to swift and cost-effective employment dispute resolution and could also provide robust legal representation should a claim be brought against your company to an employment tribunal as a consequence of the dispute arising within your workplace.

Key points that are mentioned in the above article with regards to creating a better work environment include:

? Get to know each other ? allow employees to get to know others by having potluck lunches or getting everyone out of the office periodically to allow for socialising

? Get out of your office ? a manager can’t create amazing environment by not being visible and staying in their office with a closed-door don’t isolate yourself.

? Think Team ? try to have employees think of the big picture and put the organisation’s needs ahead of their own.

? Pay competitively ? pay your employees market compensation subject of budget limitations ensuring compensation between employees is fair based on responsibilities and seniority.

? Create a comfortable environment ? have a safe and comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment tidying up and upgrading furniture if necessary.

? Defined clear expectations ? have I expectations of your team but not to either they are perceived to be unattainable right from the start.

? Resolve disputes quickly ? address problem areas on a timely basis and resolve disputes behind closed doors.

The specialist employment and commercial lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Yorkshire could advise and assist your organisation wherever you are in the UK with regards to a wide range of services including the drafting of company policies and procedures drafting of employment or business contracts swift and cost-effective dispute resolution in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements and outstanding legal representation when required; so speak with our helpful advisers to discuss your business requirements today by calling: 0113 200 9720.


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