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Employment Regulations – ML Solicitors; Are you unsure of the current employment regulations; and would you like to speak to an expert who may be able to help you and your business that is based in Wakefield?

Then look no further than the dedicated and conscientious experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be happy to use their wealth of knowledge surrounding employment law to advise you on current employment regulations that may affect your business.

The experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors understand how important it is to make sure that all the rules and regulations within your business are up-to-date so that you reduce the risk of having a claim brought against you at employment tribunal by an employee or former employee.

There are many reasons that an employee can bring a claim against you at an employment tribunal and these can include:

? If an employee feels that they have been discriminated against at work by their colleagues and managers for reasons such as age gender religious beliefs sexual orientation race or disability
? If an employee feels that they have been unfairly dismissed because they were not informed of the reasons for this dismissal or if they feel that the reasons were unsubstantiated
? If an employee feels that they have been bullied or harassed by their colleagues or managers in anyway including physical emotional and sexual harassment
? If an employeefeels that they have had wages deducted from them without prior consent or knowledge
? If an employee feels that they have been treated unfairly in anyway other than those stated above

Michael Lewin Solicitors believe that the best way to avoid being taken to an employment tribunal is ensuring that your employees a happy and treated fairly and equally. If you are unsure how to do this correctly then please get in touch with them today so they can help you.

I am unsure of the current employment regulations in regards to a new business that I?m opening in Wakefield; can the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors shed light on this for me?

The experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors are highly skilled in dealing with employers and ensuring they understand the current regulations surrounding employment so that they are able to keep your employment documents up-to-date.

An article was published on an NHS faculty website describes the differences between equality and diversity. It stated that ?the quality is about creating a fairer society whether one can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential? and the article and stated that ?diversity literally means difference. When it is used as a contrast addition to equality it is a rising individual as well as group differences treating people as individuals and placing positive values on diversity in the community and in the workforce?

So if you would like to discuss the details of the current employment regulations with an employment law expert then contact Michael Lewin Solicitors today on 0113 200 9720 whether your business is based in Wakefieldor anywhere else in the country and discuss your questions and concerns with them.


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