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Employment Rights Act – MLS; Has an employee brought a tribunal claim against you for failure to comply with the Employment Rights Act at your organisation in Hull? Then it is essential that you obtain accurate advice that is tailored to suit your business from experienced legal professionals who specialise in employment and commercial law and should make a no obligation call to the extremely dedicated team of experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our professionals could work on your behalf to protect the best interests of your organisation.

Age UK published an article discussing ageism and how it can impact someone’s confidence job prospects and general quality of life. The article states that "Ageism is discrimination or unfair treatment based on a person’s age".

It goes on to say that "It is important that ageism called age discrimination is addressed to ensure that nobody loses out because of their age".

Has an employee threaten employment tribunal action against you for a breach of their statutory rights for which you feel you have to act and make changes to your company policies and procedures to ensure that they are complaint with current legislation and clear to prevent misunderstandings at your organisation in Hull? Then you should consult with the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors over a no obligation call to discover how our dedicated team could advise and assist you with dispute resolution to ensure any issues solved as quickly and cost effectively as possible as well is being able to offer advice and assistance with regards drafting implementing and maintaining company policies and procedures to minimise the potential for future disputes to arise.

The above-mentioned article describes how ageism is often seen as a workplace issue but can be faced by individuals and various other times as well. An example of ageism is an individual losing out on a job because of their age.

It states that "Under the Equality Act you are protected from ageism in employment training and education and also in membership of clubs and associations. From 1 October 2012 you will have increased protection when you are receiving products and services to ensure you are treated unfairly".

Employers are not allowed to force employees to retire known compulsory retirement unless they can objectively justify it. Even so it can be challenged at an employment tribunal.

All employers should be aware of the Employment Rights Act and what is required of them with regards to meeting employees? rights equality and diversity in the workplace and are acting fairly and consistently with regards to employment contracts completely policies and disciplinary and grievance procedures; so speak with the employment and commercial law experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors today to discover the services we can offer to your organisation in Hull on: 0113 200 9720.


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