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Employment Rights Act – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Are you in search of expert legal advice with regards to the Employment Rights Act to ensure that you operate in full compliance with all current legislation at your organisation in York? The highly qualified and experienced legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors have a conference understanding of all current employment legislation including the recent changes that have been made in employment law enabling our professionals to provide accurate advice that is tailored to suit your business needs and assist you with a wide range of services to ensure that you are fully compliant with all legislation.

It is essential for employers to ensure that they are acting in full compliance with the Working Time Regulations and allowing employees to take the time off work that they are entitled to. Nearly all workers have the following statutory minimum rights to time off rest breaks and paid holiday:

? 5.6 weeks paid holiday each year
? A minimum 20 minute break when employees work day is six hours or more
? A rest period of at least 11 hours between working days
? A rest period of 24 hours once every seven days

Many workers? contracts of employment entitle them to better rights to holidays and breaks.

Has an employee or former employee issued employment tribunal action against you for breaches of the Employment Rights Act at your company in York? The intelligent resourceful and highly driven legal personnel at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide rigorous legal representation of your company to protect your business interests at an employment tribunal hearing if a claim has been issued against you and could also strive to achieve the best possible outcome through alternative dispute resolution to put a swift and cost-effective event to an employment dispute if it is preferred.

HR Grapevine published an article on Thursday 1 August 2013 reporting that "Apple could owe employees œ1000 over back checks".The article says that "Apple could be forced to pay out œ1000 to many employees as two former workers have brought a class action lawsuit against the technology giant".

It explains that "The employees from New York and Los Angeles claim that they were forced to stand in line for 30 minutes every day so that store managers were able to check their backs were stolen products. They say that combining these checks added up to dozens of unpaid wages which totalled about $1500 per year."

The article reports that their complaint says: "Apple has engaged and continues to engage in illegal an improper wage practices that have deprived Apple Hourly Employees throughout the United States of millions of dollars in wages and overtime compensation.

"These practices include requiring Apple Hourly Employees to wait in line and undergo to off-the-clock security bag searches and clearance checks when the leave for their meal breaks and after they have clocked out at the end of their shift."

Ensure that you are operating in full compliance with the Employment Rights Act at your company in York with advice and assistance from Michael Lewin Solicitors by calling: 0113 200 9720.


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