Case Study: Employment Law – Constructive Dismissal Cases

Are you looking at taking your employer to an employment tribunal following an unfair dismissal? Do you need a highly successful legal team who will be able to assist you in doing this successfully? You should speak to the employment law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to assist you and help you build a case which will have enough merit to achieve compensation.

You are legally entitled to take your employer to an employment tribunal if you feel you have been treated unfairly or that your employer has broken the law. This will extend to if your employer has dismissed you in an unfair manner.

An employment tribunal is an independent non-departmental body and they can order your employer to pay compensation if you win your case. Many people seek out legal help and advice before going to an employment tribunal and Michael Lewin Solicitors can assist you in this matter.

There are set criteria which you must meet if you are looking at taking an unfair dismissal to an employment tribunal and one of these is that you must have been dismissed from your place of work in the last three months.

We recently received an enquiry from Ms D from Redditch as she believes that she was unfairly dismissed from her place of work. Ms D came to us on the 4th November 2012 wanting to make a compensation claim against her employer. In order to make a successful unfair compensation claim through an employment tribunal she will have until 3rd February 2013 to do this.

If you are similar to Ms D and are looking at taking your employer to an employment tribunal following an unfair dismissal you should use the solicitors on offer at Michael Lewin. Michael Lewin Solicitors have successfully dealt with many cases of a similar nature and we will happily provide our help and advice to you free of charge.

Following an initial consultation where we will discuss your unfair dismissal we will decipher your eligibility to make a successful claim. An unfair dismissal can be classed if any of the following have taken place:

? Your employer did not give you a justifiable reason for terminating your contract.

? The reason they gave to you was unfair for example they dismissed you for doing your normal day-to-day tasks in a competent manner.

? They did not go down the proper disciplinary and dismissal process for example giving you verbal and written warnings.

? They provided you with unfair working conditions for example setting you unreasonably high targets which are impossible to achieve (this will be known as constructive dismissal).

There are many other reasons why people go through an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal so to discuss your case on an individual basis why not call the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on:0844 844 9866.

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