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Is your organisation facing an Employment Tribunal from a former employee for unfair dismissal? Do you require legal representation from an accredited team of experts throughout an employment tribunal? You should contact the commercial solicitors at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

With high qualifications and a large range of experience the team at Michel Lewin Solicitors are able to offer your organisation the appropriate advice and show you your options on how to deal with an Employment Tribunal in a way that is tailored specific to your situation.

When faced with an employment tribunal you are likely want to come to a conclusion quickly with best outcome. The highly trained commercial experts are able to offer you a range of services throughout the Employment Tribunal when a former employee claims that they were dismissed unfairly. Some of the other areas that Michael Lewin Solicitors is available to assist your company with are discrimination claims such as sexism and racism pay discrepancies redundancy and TUPE processes and many other disputes that may arise based on the Employment Law.

An unfair dismissal case is most commonly raised when:

? The dismissal has no fair or justifiable reason for occurring.

? The dismissal did not follow the set procedures which are outlined the Employment Rights Act 1996.

? The reasons for the dismissal or the employers actions at the time of dismissal do not comply with the terms and conditions outline in the employees contract of employment.

Although the team always suggest contacting them for advice prior to dismissing an employee they can help your organisation if the process has already taken place and you are now facing a tribunal.

My organisation is confident that we will be unsuccessful at the Employment Tribunal we face for unfair dismissal so why do we need to contact the expert team?

Unfortunately the Tribunal which you face may be unsuccessful in a way that your former employee’s case is heard and your company is forced to pay damages to the employee. Even if you believe that this will be the case it is still highly advisable to contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors as they will be able to assist you in receiving minimal damage to your finances and reputation. However the team will always try their hardest and to the best of their ability to get a successful outcome for your company.

An article written on the Mail Online on the 22nd of January 2013 shows how Dawn Bailey was successful in her case against her employer for unfair dismissal following multiple comments from her boss such as ?I need to trade you in or a younger model? After many comments Miss Bailey felt that she needed to resign from her job and claimed unfair dismissal and discrimination against her age.

If your company is facing an Employment Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal such as the one above then you should contact Michael Lewin Solicitors on a no-obligation phone call today on:0113 200 9720


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