Employment Tribunals Claim Form

Employment Tribunals Claim Form Are you looking for an expert to be able to advise you about employment tribunals and filling in a claim form with regards to a situation that you have been involved in? Would you like to speak to a professional about your situation so that you can trust their opinion and make sure that you are receiving the highest level of advice? Have you been involved in a situation at work that you believe to be one of mistreatment and are angry at the way that your employer behaved towards you?

If an employer fails to treat their staff with the care and respect that they deserve they are running the risk of having a case for compensation filed against them. As an employee you have rights that your employer needs to adhere to so to make sure that you are happy in your place of work and that you are being treated fairly and correctly in accordance with the UK guidelines that are in place for employees.

Specific areas that are created to assist employees so that they are not mistreated can include the protection of staff that have been discriminated against or that are being bullied by other members of staff and colleagues. If a person is being bullied at work and they report it to the management or to the employer it is the duty of the employer then to act upon these lines of enquiries so to make sure that the person is not suffering unduly.

Would you like to speak to an expert about employment tribunals and filling in a claim form for your case for compensation? Do you have questions that you would like to ask an expert that you can trust?

Bullying in the workplace can occur and as such we were contacted by a client called Ms T who lived in Chorley. She described to one of our advisers that she had been suffering from stress at work due to a campaign of bullying. Once she had contacted Michael Lewin she was able to understand the eligibility of her case so that she could decide whether she would like to proceed or not.

Cases for bullying and stress at work do sometimes need a little bit more evidence or factual documentation to try and support the argument that the victim is placing against the employer. In some cases the information can present itself in grey areas rather than it being black or white which can make it slightly more difficult for liability to be placed upon the defendant.

If you would like some more information about employment tribunals and filling in a claim form you can contact our team by calling0844 844 9866.

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