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Equal Opportunities Legislation – ML Expert Solicitors Team; Do you comply with all equal opportunities legislation at your organisation in Manchester? It is essential that both small and large enterprises comply with legislation equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace and should implement this into company policies as well as during the recruitment process and making selections for training and promotion and the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors could help you do this however if you do have a dispute arise the extremely dedicated team could work on your behalf to resolve this as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

BBC News published an article on Friday the 1 July 2005 discussing equal opportunities were pregnant women.

The question that was asked was "Due pregnant women receive equal opportunities in the workplace?"

The article went on to say that "Tens of thousands of women lose their jobs or are devoted each year due to being pregnant according to a report by the Equal Opportunities Commission. The EOC says that women miss out on œ12 million and statutory maternity pay while employers spent œ126 million replacing them."

The article received mixed response to the question forward with small businesses saying that they cannot afford to pay maternity leave and require their staff to be available to work commenting that the choose not to employ anyone who was wanting to go maternity leave. However there are also comments from people who felt that they needed to leave the children go back to work as soon as possible as they couldn’t afford not to.

Have you had an employment tribunal claim brought against you by an employee (potential current or former) for breaches in equal opportunities legislation at your organisation in Manchester which you have not provided them with the same opportunities for employment training or promotion is the staff due to their pregnancy or maternity? Then don?t hesitate to call the employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our experts could offer assistance in various alternative dispute resolution methods as well as provide robust legal defence at an employment tribunal hearing when this is unavoidable.

All women are entitled to statutory 52 weeks maternity leave from the date that they commence their employment with an organisation however to receive statutory maternity pay if your bill employee must have been in the service of the company for a minimum of 26 weeks at the expected week of childbirth and is then entitled to a maximum of 39 weeks statutory maternity pay.

Under the Equality At 2010 a pregnant employee cannot be dismissed or selected for redundancy because of pregnancy or maternity leave and she cannot be unlawfully denied the right to return. All women who return to work after taking 26 weeks ordinary maternity leave are entitled to return to the same job on the same terms and conditions as if they had ever been absent.

The highly qualified and experienced professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors specialise in employment and commercial law and could advise and assist in drafting company policies that comply with all equal opportunities legislation and help you implement this into your organisation in Manchester as well as being able to assist in dispute resolution and litigation matters; so call our helpful advisers today to discuss the services that you require on: 0113 200 9720.


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