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Equal Opportunities Legislation – ML Solicitors; Are you seeking expert legal advice with regards to equal opportunities legislation to ensure that you are implementing it correctly into your organisation in York? It is vital to ensure that you encourage and implement equality and diversity into your business not only to comply with current legislation but also as it has been found to have significant benefits for a company and the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide the advice and guidance that you need as well is assistance in drafting and maintaining company policies and practices to ensure that you do so effectively.

People Management published an article on 22 July 2013 by Claire Churchard asking give HR was too female.

The article says that "Professions often have a potentially damaging archetype in the popular imagination ? the grey accountant the pushy salesman the duplicitous journalist. HR professionals by the same token are often portrayed the tottering home a blaze of pink after one too many Lambrinis."

It goes on to tell us "In fact there are many other tones on display in HR departments and many of those who reside in them prefer gin and tonic. One fact though controversial is an arguable: HR alongside nursing and teaching is a job for the girls. The figures show 83% of the CIPD members are women and the gender balance shows little sign of altering radically."

Has an employee issued legal action against you for breaches in equal opportunities legislation at your business in York? If an employee feels that they have been treated less favourably with regards to employment terms and conditions pay and benefits or opportunities for training or promotion at your organisation in York due to a particular personal characteristic that they have such as their sex age or race the highly skilled and resourceful legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide the outstanding legal representation that you need employment tribunal hearing to protect your business interests.

The above-mentioned article tells us to some people this is a major problem. It reports that Safia Boot consultant at Respect at Work calls HR "the pink ghetto" saying: "The profession as representative of the management decision-makers it is trying to influence. It’s also representative of the workforce and the community at serving. It isn’t a role model for the rhetoric it puts out about the business case diversity and inclusion."

It goes on to say "Many will argue a skewed gender balance isn’t HR’s fault: operating at the cutting edge of recruitment practice it is always tries to embody current thinking on diversity and equality. But the idea that HR is immersed in a soft feminine culture may be putting men off."

The highly qualified and experienced legal personality Michael Lewin Solicitors have vast knowledge and comprehensive understanding of all equal opportunities legislation and could provide the advice and assistance that you need to ensure that it is fully implement it into all the policies and practices of your company in York to minimise the potential for disputes to arise on the grounds of discrimination; so call our extremely helpful advisers today to discuss our services further detail on: 0113 200 9720.


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