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Equality And Diversity Training – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you promoting equality and diversity within your company and implementing it into your practices and policies with regards to opportunities for training transfer and promotion at your organisation UK? The employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors could advise and assist your company with regards to the drafting of policies and procedures as well as implementing and maintaining them ensuring that you are fully compliant of the equality and diversity legislation are reaping the benefits of promoting this in your workplace and minimising the risk of disputes arising involving discrimination at your company.

The Telegraph published an article on 11 July 2013 written by Fraser Nelson reporting that "Boris Johnson wasn’t joking – work is becoming a woman’s world" adding that "Sexual inequality has reversed in Britain: fewer boys go to university get a good job or earn as much money".

The article goes on to say that "Boris Johnson has two great weaknesses: jokes and women. He unwisely combined the two last week when hosting the Prime Minister of Malaysia in City Hall. When his guest boasted about the high proportion of women at Malaysian universities Boris interjected: "They have got to find men to marry!" It went down quite well in the room but badly in the salons of North London which shook with fake outrage. Is that why he thinks women go to university? Boris was found guilty of being "unacceptably sexist" and nurturing "outdated opinions"."

Has an employee brought a tribunal claim against you for discrimination due to lack of equality and diversity with regards to opportunities for training transfer and promotion at your organisation in the UK? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our dedicated team could advise and assist in resolving the issue swiftly by alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid costly and time-consuming tribunal action wherever possible but could provide outstanding legal representation to protect the best interests of your company when litigation is unavoidable.

The above-mentioned article tells us that "The Mayor didn’t defend himself perhaps because he knows the reverse is actually true. No senior politician male or female is a clear grasp and Boris of the nature and consequences of the gender revolution that is underway. He became aware of this when he was David Cameron’s higher education spokesman. He noticed that women "outnumbered men in every subject including maths and engineering". So when these women reach the peak of their careers he said the British economy will have been feminised ? and utterly transformed. It is the greatest change of our lifetimes."

It is essential that you implement equality and diversity into your company practices with regards to opportunities for training transfer and promotion not only as this can benefit your business in many ways but will reduce the risk of misunderstandings looks employees with regards to discrimination in your workplace that could lead to a dispute arising and even tribunal claim being brought against your organisation in the UK; so for advice that is tailored to suit your business needs from experienced professionals with a vast knowledge of employment and commercial law speak with the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors today by calling: 0113 200 9720.


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