Estrogen is the Key to Dealing with Stress – Women Cope Better than Men

Estrogen is the Key to Dealing with Stress – Women Cope Better than Men

Throughout time a lot of issues have come down to the battle of the sexes and in the case of coping with stress women come out on top.

Women are reportedly better at coping with stress because of estrogen levels in their body.

Scientists from the University of Buffalo in America have conducted a study into the effects of stress on males and females. They tested this theory using tests on male and female rats they found that female rats reacted better to repeat stress because they have higher estrogen levels. The male rats that were tested had more chance of having short term memory problems.

Senior author and Medical professor Zhen Yan said.

“Estrogen produced in the brain protects against the detrimental effects of stress.”

The rats had to do several experiments which were designed to mirror challenging and stressful events that humans experience – these events put people under pressure and cause frustration.

The results of the tests showed that the female rats who were subject to intervals of physical restraint over a week didn’t demonstrate any signs to show that their short term memory had been affected.

When the male rats were put through the same physical restraint they couldn’t recognise objects as well as the female rats which showed that their short-term memory had been affected.

The researchers altered the estrogen levels in both genders and found that the way that they responded to stress had changed. When the male rats were given more estrogen they coped better with stressful situations and when the female rats estrogen levels were decreased they were less capable at coping with stress.

The National Institute of Mental Health of the National Institutes of Health funded the study.

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