Evictions – on the rise

A recent article in the Guardian has stated that tenant evictions have reached their highest level on record. According to the Ministry of Justice figures, more than 170 tenants a day were evicted from properties in England and Wales in 2015 with more than half the evictions having been made by private landlords.

Housing campaigners believe the shortage of affordable housing and welfare cuts have contributed to a 2% rise in repossessions over the year.

John Healy, the shadow housing minister, has said the figures could be “just the tip of the iceberg” as some tenants could be losing their homes without going through the court process.

Evicting a tenant without following the proper legal process is illegal and could result in a hefty fine and a possible custodial sentence for a landlord therefore it is strongly recommended that legal advice is sought before commencing such action.

For tenants there are a number of charities where help and advice can be sort such as Shelter or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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