Ex-Soldier Is Suing The Ministry of Defence Over Bullying Claims

It was recently reported that Joseph McCabe a former soldier is taking legal action against the MOD for bullying and harassment during his service for the Army.

Mr McCabe is pursuing a claim for severe bullying which resulted in him attempting suicide on 5 separate occasions.

Mr McCabe told Radio 4 that during a tour of Iraq a colleague held a knife to his throat and said”You’ve got until the end of the tour to kill yourself. If not accidents happen.”

It is alleged that Mr McCabe was subject to constant abuse surrounding his stutter and that when he reported these incidents to Senior Officers he was laughed away.

Mr McCabe alleges that his requests to transfer to different regiments were denied and that there were failings by Psychiatrists employed by the Ministry of Defence who failed to diagnose a psychiatric condition despite Mr McCabe attempting to take his own life on 5 separate occasions.

The official statement from the Ministry of Defence is that bullying in the armed forces is taken very seriously and that the armed forces have a zero tolerance policy on bullying harassment or discrimination. The Ministry of Defence went onto say however they will look into these allegations.

These events followed the comments of Lincoln Jupp a former Colonel who stated in 2011 that the ‘clock is ticking’ in terms of the armed forces ability to show that they can deal with these matters internally.

Colonel Jupp told Today that”The armed forces are coming to terms with the fact that it has got to change and so are probably behind the curve and have got to catch up”

Richard Coulthard Head of the Stress at Work Department at Michael Lewin Solicitors said ‘Bullying in any form of employment is dangerous for the individuals mental health. The circumstances of Mr McCabe’s claim are extreme and if factually correct would surely amount to a clear breach of duty by the MOD. Cultures can develop in many employment environments where certain members of staff become ostracised. It is however the duty of management to control these environments to ensure that this does occur and any complaints of bullying and harassment should always be taken seriously.’

Read the full story in the Guardian at http://goo.gl/GYOd0L

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