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Unfortunately there are dangerous drivers on our roads.  While the vast majority of us are careful and considerate drivers, there are a minority that can cause us problems.  Have a look at this footage taken on the A76 near Kilmarnock.  A serious crash took place due to the dangerous and reckless actions of one driver.  A Ford Fiesta driver attempts to overtake on the central chevrons on the road, colliding with 2 other vehicles before spinning out of control.  It is good fortune that no-one was seriously injured in the road traffic accident.

All the innocent drivers involved in this car crash were not only exposed to a very traumatic experience, but have also been left with the headache of having to speak with their own insurers and arranging for their cars and vans to be repaired.  The emergency services would been involved, resulting in the closure of the road due to the recovery of the vehicle involved. This has happened, all because of the actions of one bad driver.

“The risk that this driver has taken is breath-taking,” said Ross Slater of Michael Lewin Solicitors. “Regretfully, we see all too much of this, and the effect that it has on the innocent victims.  Getting their cars back onto the road is an enormous hassle, before considering any injuries that may have been caused.”

If you’ve been involved in a car accident caused by a careless, inconsiderate driver (like in this case), we would be more than happy to help you sort things out.  It is important to take as much information as you can at the scene.  If you can, take photos on your mobile phone of all the vehicles involved, showing their position after the accident, as well as their registration numbers.  The other drivers are obliged to provide you with their details, including their name, contact details and insurance information.  Keep all of this information in a safe place, even after you have spoken to your own insurers.  Should you have any doubts about anything, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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