Michael Lewin Solicitors helped Mr M make a claim for facial injury at work compensation; our expert employer’s liability solicitors in Leeds managed to secure over £5000.00 in compensation on behalf of Mr M.

If your employer has filed to follow health and safety guidelines correctly or has neglected your safety as an employee in any way you may be entitled to make a compensation claim similar to Mr M. He had been at work when his accident was at work and as the accident was not his fault he was able to claim over £5000.00 in work injury compensation.

Mr M was putting a bed up for a customer when he was injured. Mr M was hit in the face by one of the bed legs when he was putting it up. The strap that held the feet in place was missing so when Mr M started to erect the bed one of the legs jumped up and hit him in the face. Mr M suffered a terribly painful injury to his face as a result of the defective equipment he was provided with in the workplace.

Thankfully Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to pursue a claim on behalf of Mr M for facial injury at work compensation; thanks to the experts on out accident at work team in the Leeds office Mr M was awarded a total of £5750.00 in compensation for his injuries. Injuries to the face can sometimes be the cause of much worse in juries; on a number of occasions if someone has suffered permanent scarring to the face as a result of an accident it has led to mental suffering too. Depression can result from an injury to the face as someone’s self-esteem may plummet following the accident. Quite often a change in appearance can really affect a person’s mood swings and self-image. If this has happened to you through no fault of your own you should be able to claim compensation for the additional suffering you have had to endure alongside the compensation for the actual injury itself.

Injuries to the face can happen for a number of reasons. Michael Lewin also dealt with a case on behalf of Mr B; he was involved in a tragic accident in the workplace where he was hit in the face with chrome oxide. Chrome oxide can be a very dangerous chemical especially when it gets into the eyes. Mr B was luck not to lose his eyesight. An entire health and safety guide had been dedicated to the safe handling and storage of chrome oxide. Employees should have been given training as per the manufacturers guidelines about the safe handling of this chemical in the workplace. Thankfully the team of Michael Lewin Solicitors that deal with work injuries were able to secure compensation of £1750.00 for Mr B.

If you have suffered a facial injury at work and you think you have a valid claim for compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors Leeds office today on 0844 499 9302.

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