Michael Lewin’s factory accidents specialists helped Miss K make a compensation claim in London after a horrific work accident destroyed her hand.

Miss K 42 was at work using a hot machine in a factory. The machine doors slammed shut onto Miss K’s hand. As a result of this tragic accident Miss K suffered a severe crush injury and full thickness burns to her hand and fingers.

Miss K from Irthlingborough had to undergo multiple operations for full hand reconstruction and skin grafts. Miss K was very lucky she did not lose her hand altogether as a result of this accident. Thankfully Michael Lewin Solicitors were there for Miss K and helped her claim the compensation she was entitled to.

Finally section 9 of the HSW Act requires the employer to provide free of charge personal protective equipment or any other items for the safety of employees where it is required by law.

In summary although there is a great deal of legislation around pertaining to the legal responsibilities for employers to follow the general health and safety act of 1974 gives the basic minimum requirements and any supplementary advice will be available about more specific areas if required if heavy machinery is a requirement in the workplace. Compliance with these regulations should always be regarded as the barest minimum requirement which is expected from every employer by the courts if action was ever to be taken by an employee.

If you need the advice of one of our factory accidents compensation claim specialists in London you should get in touch with us as soon as you can after your accident has occurred. Delaying making a claim could mean your case is void.

Miss K was very lucky to have been able to keep her hand but the injuries she sustained are still life changing and traumatic. No amount of compensation will make up for the damage that has been caused to Miss K but here at Michael Lewin we hope the compensation she was awarded will help her to come to terms with the accident.

The Health and safety at work 1974 is by no means an exhaustive act other additional acts have also been introduced as supplements to enhance it such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98). These additions are very much more niche to certain sectors of employment law which employers of office workers will rarely if ever need to deal with. Employers who have manual workers or who have workers who need to use machinery which is inherently dangerous can usually find more exhaustive requirements by asking a law firm or by doing a check for their legal obligations online. Another set of workers who require separate working requirements includes agricultural workers and workers who are around things such as coal dust and loud noises.

To make a claim with the help of one of our factory accidents compensation claim specialists in London call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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