After suffering a near fatal accident Mr J sought compensation in London with the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors. Our expert employer liability team represented Mr J and we were able to secure compensation quickly on his behalf.

Mr J was working on the roof of a skyscraper when his accident occurred. Mr J tripped over some unmarked railings and his foot became trapped. Mr J suffered severe lacerations to his knee as a result of the accident.

Mr J was also subjected to prolonged suffering following his accident as he developed a secondary infection to the wound. Here at Michael Lewin Solicitors we are very happy to have been able to help Mr J claim the compensation he deserved and we are also pleased that the accident didn?t have a much worse outcome.

Adequate information training and instruction is required for all workers but this is not a set amount. This will be dependent on the age and competency of the employees; for new processes or young/inexperienced employees the supervision will need to be on a far more frequent basis than for established working procedures. Also training to use a computer can allow mistakes which will not be costly in terms of employee’s physical well-being but mistakes cannot be allowed to happen when younger workers are in charge of welding equipment or large electrically powered blades.

If you have been involved in a near fatal accident or you are related to someone who has had a fatal accident you may be entitled to claim compensation; Michael Lewin Solicitors deal with many cases in London and can assess your case over the phone.

Every UK employer has a duty of care. This is critical to the health safety and general welfare of all employees. Not all employers are aware of the implications of the duty of care. But it doesn?t matter how small a business happens to be. Where there’s any member of staff there is a duty of care responsibility.

An employer should have a person who deals with health and safety matters. This person must be legally competent. In other words that person should have the ability to understand the concerns around health and safety. In many smaller businesses the owner will take the responsibility for the health and safety whilst in larger organisations there may be a few staff with health and safety issues as their full time role.

When it comes to duty of care the primary job of the competent person is to carry out a risk assessment. This needs to identify the health and safety risks of each employee in the workplace. Michael Lewin Solicitors understand the trauma involved in having a near fatal accident or dealing with the fatal accident of a loved one. We want to be able to help you come to terms with the accident.

Call Michael Lewin’s expert fatal accident compensation team of solicitors in London if you want to start your claim for compensation today on 0844 499 9302.

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