Mr G was luck when he was involved in a potentially fatal accident; the injury claims specialists at Michael Lewin in Leeds were able to make a case on Mr G’s behalf as he was injured through no fault of his own.

Mr G had been working on a bus stop when his accident occurred. He was on the bus stop roof when he fell off and plummeted to the ground. This accident could have been a lot worse and the solicitors at Michael Lewin are very pleased he survived this accident. We were also very happy to make a case for compensation on behalf of Mr G and award him with the compensation he deserved.

Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents at work according to the 2010/2011 statistics. There are many rules employers have to follow when taking on jobs that involve work at height. The work at height regulations 2005 state the current regulations surrounding employees who have to work at height. There is a common misconception throughout various industries that the use of ladders has been banned; this is a myth. The use of ladders has not been banned the law requires that ladders can be used if a risk assessment has shown that the use of other equipment is not appropriate and the use of ladders carries a low risk.

Falls from height can result in a fatal accident; if you have had an accident and sustained an injury you may be entitled to make a claim Michael Lewin claims solicitors in Leeds will be happy to assess your claim.

The work at height regulations 2005 were put in place by the government and passed by parliament in an effort to protect employees from sustaining an injury from working at height. The legislation is long and complex but the basic guidelines are largely common sense on the behalf of an employer or health and safety executive. Work at height must be risk assessed and planned appropriately and employers must put the protection of their employees first.

Work at height regulations state that all equipment used for working at height must be checked regularly for defects and that they must be used with the relevant safety precautions i.e. scaffolding must be used with guardrails. The basic legislation about working at height is there to prevent fatalities from people working in that area. All employees must be made aware of the code of practice surrounding working at height.

If you have had a near fatal accident and you have sustained an injury speak to one of the claims experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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