Michael Lewin has a specialist fatal accident solicitor at our offices in Leeds; if you have lost a loved on to a fatal accident you are still entitled to make a claim for compensation.

A third of all accidents that are reported each year involving working at height are due to ladders and stepladders. Falling from height involving ladders accounts for on average 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries to employees each year.

The majority of accidents involving ladders are due to employees using them incorrectly or inappropriately. It is a common myth that the use of ladders has been banned in the workplace. Ladders have not been banned in the workplace; you are allowed to use ladders if a risk assessment has shown that they are the safest method to use and that using them is low risk.

The work at height regulations were introduced in 2005 to highlight the duties of employers employees and self-employed people when working at height. These regulations apply to all employees who work at height where there is a risk of a fall that is liable to cause a personal injury. Mr I made a claim for compensation when he fell from ladders while he was fixing a spotlight at work; he was very lucky to just sustain an injury given that the statistics for falling from height fatalities are so high.

If you have suffered a fatal accident or if you have a loved one who was in a fatal accident you need the help of a solicitor; the experts at Michael Lewin in Leeds will be able to help you make a claim for compensation. Our sympathetic team take a caring approach towards claiming compensation for our clients.

There are guidelines for employers to abide by which were amended in 2007. As part of the regulations employers must make sure that all working at height is planned and properly organised and that all the employees that are working at height are competent. Employers must ensure that they risk assess all activities involving working at height and that the appropriate equipment for each activity is selected and used.

When working at height employers even need to complete risk assessment for things like working on fragile surfaces i.e. a glass roof and that management of these projects is properly controlled. All equipment for working at height must be properly inspected and maintained iin order to ensure that all the employees are being kept safe.

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