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Michael Lewin Solicitors has been established for over ten years. Our experienced solicitors have claimed compensation on behalf of thousands of victims who have been injured through the fault of a third party. We can make a case for compensation for anyone who has sustained an injury which required medical treatment through no fault of their own.

We helped Mrs W make a claim for compensation after she slipped at work. Water had been leaking from an air con unit in her workplace and had left water pooled on the floor. Mrs W was unaware of this hazard as no warning signs had been put out and unfortunately slipped on the water. Mrs W sustained painful soft tissue injuries as a result of her fall.

Slips trips and falls in the workplace are currently the most common type of accident in the workplace leading to employees having to take time off work. There are a number of things an employer can do to ensure that they minimise the risk of a slip or trip happening. To start off with the type of flooring in the workplace should be suitable for the type of work that is being carried out in the building. For example an office will be better suited to a carpet than a large warehouse. If employees are working in an industry where it is impossible to keep the floor dry then employers should ensure that they have rough surfaced flooring in place to help prevent slipping. In industries where the floor gets oily the surface should be even rougher than it is for water as oil is a much more lubricating substance.

If you have been involved in a faulty equipment accident you may be able to make a compensation claim; speak to an expert at Michael Lewin in Leeds to find out if we can help you.

The leaking air conditioning unit was the faulty equipment responsible for Mrs W’s accident. It may have been leaking for a while and her employers ignored it or when she slipped it may have been the first time it had leaked. Either way her employers were still responsible for the accident and were liable to pay her compensation for the injuries she sustained.

Employers should ensure they have a system in place whereby all electrical items in the office are visually checked regularly to ensure they are safe for use. This system should also apply to any machinery in the workplace and all the tools and equipment that are used by their employees. The actual workplace should be checked regularly to this is for any signs of the safety flooring rubbing away or any broken stairs/handrails. Etc.

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