Mr W made a fingers injury at work claim when he injured himself in an accident; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds worked on behalf of Mr W to secure him the compensation he deserved.

Mr W was at work when a heavy roll weighing 30 kg dropped onto his hand. Had the roll been secured as it should it may not have happened. As a result of the accident Mr W suffered a painful crush injury to his hand and his fingers. Mr W’s employer had a duty to keep him safe in the workplace. All employers are legally obliged to follow the laws passed by Parliament in the Health and safety at Work Act 1974. The Act sets out the employers duties of responsibility to keep their employees safe at work.

All employers no matter how big or small the company is must appoint a person who is competent to take charge of the health and safety matters in the workplace; this may even be the owner if the business is a small one. All businesses that employ over five people must have a formal health and safety policy detailing the arrangements an employer has made to ensure the safety of their employees all employees should be told what these are.

If you have suffered a fingers injury at work due to your employer not taking care of your health and safety and you want to make a claim Michael Lewin in Leeds can offer you advice about your case.

Carrying out a risk assessment is a vital part of being an employer. The purpose of a risk assessment is to spot and eliminate any potential hazards in the workplace. A detailed official record of the risk assessment should be made by the employer or the designated health and safety executive. An employer must also put into place plans to deal with any risks that they see. If an employer does not have a designated health and safety person and they are unsure of how to carry out a risk assessment themselves there are companies in the UK who will come and carry out a risk assessment and manage workplace risks for a fee.

Following a risk assessment an employer must make sure they do everything they can to keep the workplace safe. In doing this they are preventing any risk to their employee’s health. Employers are also required to provide adequate first aid facilities the contents of the first aid box should be relevant to the industry they are working in; for example a catering kitchen first aid kit will contain blue plasters instead of normal ones as this is the colour plaster kitchen staff are required to wear if they sustain a finger injury. If you want to start making a fingers injury at work claim call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on: 0844 499 9302.

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