There are a multitude of personal injury claims made each year by people who work in a warehouse or manufacturing environment; forklift trucks and pallet jacks both have their own set of safety hazards which can cause an accident which is why it is fortunate for victims that Michael Lewin Solicitors have the expert skills to deal with this type of claim in the UK.

There are many issues which come into play when assessing any claims for compensation relating to accidents involving pallet jacks or forklift trucks. Was the equipment working correctly? If the equipment was defective was this known and had it been previously reported? An inspection should be carried out before each shift to ensure there are no faults.

Has the person operating the equipment been fully trained? Were they using the equipment correctly?
There have been over 8000 accidents reported in the UK in one year which have involved forklift trucks. These have been caused by lack of training and knowledge of the equipment operator error or defective equipment. In fact there have been more pedestrians injured by forklift trucks that there have been forklift truck operators.

It was not Mr H’s fault that he had been injured and he was fully entitled to make a personal injury claim; Michael Lewin have the knowledge to deal with a forklift or pallet truck accident injury claim and will accept a genuine claim in the UK on a no win no fee basis.

Pallet truck accidents have included people being struck or run over by the truck or being hit by pallets being loaded or unloaded. Mr H received £4500 in compensation after he was hit by a pallet truck from behind. In most of these cases the injuries are inflicted on the legs and ankles. Pallet trucks must also be well maintained and operators fully trained before they are allowed near one. There must be safe walkways for pedestrians which pallet trucks must not use. There are also maximum and minimum loads as with forklift trucks which must be adhered to.

Employers have a duty to protect their staff against injuries by providing the necessary training and correct equipment in good working order. Sadly many employers fall short of their obligations.

If you have been injured by a forklift or pallet truck or suffered any industrial accident that wasn?t your fault and want to find out if you are entitled to claim compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK today on: 0844 499 9302.

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