Many accidents occur in factories and warehouses each year involving forklift trucks powered pallet trucks and other equipment which is very dangerous if not used safely; Michael Lewin can support any personal injury compensation claim involving an industrial accident in the UK.

There are important questions that need answering before liability can be determined for an industrial accident claim. Accidents can occur when equipment is either faulty or used incorrectly. Accidents can be caused by dangerously stacked pallets or goods or they can be caused by the negligence of colleagues who may be careless or even under the influence or drink or drugs.

Reports relating to equipment checks and any reported faults will be examined as will all training records. Any employees using equipment without the correct training are a danger to themselves and others. In fact there have been more pedestrians injured by forklift trucks that there have forklift operators.

Mr L approached Michael Lewin Solicitors when he sustained injuries to his back and leg after being struck by a powered pallet truck at work. He received more than £8000 in compensation.

Mr L was not to blame for the accident or the injuries he suffered like many others who have been injured by a PPT or a forklift truck; Michael Lewin will analyse the injury and the details of each compensation claim in the UK and will accept all genuine claims on a no win no fee basis. Most accidents involving people being struck by forklift trucks or powered pallet trucks involve injuries to the legs and ankles. Employers should be doubly sure that there are safe walkways for pedestrians where trucks are not allowed to go. In fact employers should be constantly aware of their responsibility to keep their staff and visitors safe. Unfortunately there are still some employers who forget their obligations from time to time. This carelessness costs them dearly in compensation claims from injured employees.

Michael Lewin will not ask their clients for any payment up front as when they accept a claim they do so with the confidence that they can secure a positive outcome with the maximum compensation. Should a case not be successful for any reason Michael Lewin will not charge their clients anything for their services. Successful claimants receive 100% of the compensation they are awarded. So it is true that you don?t pay any legal fees at all win or lose.

If you are the victim of an industrial accident if you have been injured by a forklift or PPT if the accident and subsequent injury wasn?t your fault and you want to claim compensation in the UK you can call Michael Lewin Solicitors and be guaranteed a friendly sympathetic and professional service: 0844 499 9302.

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