Mrs D suffered from a forklift truck accident which caused injuries to her; she used Michael Lewin Solicitors to make her claim for compensation.

Mrs D from Peterborough was 32 when she had a forklift truck accident in her workplace. She was hit by a forklift truck whilst she was in work trying to go about her normal duties.

Our client suffered soft tissue damage and abrasions to her body. Forklift truck injuries can cause anything from cuts and bruising to fatal accidents; where forklift trucks are utilised in the daily running of a business the employer has responsibilities to ensure a safe working environment.

After this unfortunate accident in the workplace our client has suffered from mild insomnia. Accidents like these can cause lasting and permanent damage for the entirety of the client’s life. Employers need to be aware of their legal duties and responsibilities for the well-being of their staff members.

Simple preventable accidents such as this are so unfortunate. If risks in the workplace are minimised employers would actually benefit as they would lose fewer working days due to the harm that they have caused their employees. Health and safety risk assessments should be available for all employees to view and comment upon when required. Health and safety is very much a two-way street where employers should welcome the thoughts and concerns of their valued staff. Staff who are performing manual duties every day frequently can come up with suggestions to alleviate any potential risks to their health and safety going forward.

If you have suffered from any type of forklift accident which caused an injury to you and you would like help with claiming compensation come to our compassionate staff at Michael Lewin.

Michael Lewin’s forklift truck accident specialists are here to help you achieve a settlement with a compensation amount which is recompense for the suffering you and perhaps your family have endured.

When large equipment is required to be around pedestrians and employees going about their business on foot it is imperative that employers try to use tools to reduce the risk of the equipment damaging any employee. Simple measures such as having designated pathway for staff to walk along which the truck is not allowed on can be beneficial. Other safety measures could be the introduction of a safety barrier which prevents the forklift truck from being driven into the pedestrian area.

If Michael Lewin can help you after you have sustained a forklift accident; call their concerned staff here on 0844 499 9302 to start your compensation claim today.

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