Michael Lewin became involved after Mr M was involved in a forklift truck accident; he decided to claim as the accident was no fault of his.

Mr M from Doncaster suffered from whiplash after another forklift collided with his vehicle. Michael Lewin can be of help if the accident was not caused by you. If your current or previous employer is at fault we can pursue your claim. We work hard to get the compensation you need so that you and your loved ones can have the financial security to move forwards.

Michael Lewin’s solicitors fight tirelessly for you and your forklift truck compensation claim. Our personal injury at work solicitors are experts at helping you to get the support and advice that you need to help you to recover.

Michael Lewin are fully committed to bringing your claim to settlement quickly and efficiently. Every aspect of your claim is explained in jargon free terminology. If you have suffered from a forklift truck accident which was not your fault you can call expert accident lawyers at Michael Lewin to start your compensation claim.

As he was in no way to blame for his accident he felt that he should be able to make a claim for the injuries he suffered. Employees are also responsible for their own health and safety in the workplace. You do have the right to refuse to do a job if you believe it is not safe or if you have not been provided with the correct equipment to do the job. Your employer cannot dismiss you or threaten to dismiss you if you refuse to work for genuine health and safety concerns for yourself or your colleagues. If you have any concerns about health and safety at work you should always talk to your employer first; they may simply be unaware of any problems. If your employer does not listen to your concerns and act upon them as a final resort you may have to report them to the local authority’s environmental health department.

In organisations where workers regularly use trolleys and forklift trucks extra safety precautions should be taken to ensure that the vehicles do not collide either with each other or with pedestrians. In our experience simple procedures generally work extremely well; for example this accident could have been prevented by having lanes which could work on a one-way system. This would guarantee that at any one point in time two fork lift trucks going in opposite directions would not be able to meet and cause an accident.

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