Four ways to make the most of your #4pmfinish today

Friday is finally here, but this isn’t just your regular Friday, this is Red Bull’s National 4pm Finish Day, which means that workers all over the UK are looking to smash through all of their days work, so they can comfortably finish early.
If your boss will allow you to get away early for the weekend, what will you do with your extra hour? Here are a couple of ideas from some of the guys at the office.

<strong>Richard Coulthard (Director and Head of the Stress team)</strong>
Take yourself away from all the hustle and bustle of the hard week that you have just had and relax, let the stresses of the last four days drain from you to make you feel extra refreshed for the weekend. Sit and chill and slowly unwind. Perhaps just pamper yourself.

<strong>Ian Abel (Head of Employment)</strong>
Many of us reckon that we can’t find the time to fit in that exercise that we’ve been promising ourselves; well the extra hour now gives you that extra time so don’t need to put it off anymore. Go down to the gym or sign up for a taster session of something new. You’ll feel all the better for it.

<strong>Andrew Scaife (Marketing Manager)</strong>
Grab an extra 60 minutes with those close to you, be it friends or family. And as you have a free hour, why not take the time to make a call to someone close to you that you haven’t seen in a while, you’ll feel much better after spreading the love and it won’t feel like a wasted hour.

<strong>Karla Samwell (Admin Team Leader)</strong>
Get to the supermarket and get that weekly shopping in. You’ll probably find it more relaxing shopping at 4pm when they are less busy than you will over the weekend. Use that extra hour in bed over the weekend.

<strong>However you spend the extra hour, enjoy it. Also remember to take a pic of yourself between 4pm and 5pm and tag it with @RedBullUK and #4pmfinish (on Twitter and Instagram), they’ll then enter you into get the month’s worth of Red Bull!</strong>

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