Girl is Sexually Harassed and Shut in a Freezer

Girl is Sexually Harassed and Shut in a Freezer

For centuries we have heard about the discrimination of women in the work-place. Sexual harassment withholding promotions unfair pay and training opportunities – the list is endless. However in the age of our contemporaries we hope that with laws and regulations in place this is no longer a pressing concern…

Think again! The media is writhing with claims of gender discrimination especially concerning the British workplace. A recent survey revealed that almost one fifth of women reported their careers to have been hindered because managers failed to promote them or offer the anticipated training opportunities.

A recent claim has been made by 19 year-old Chloe Maisey against the Hardwick Restaurant run by the famous Michelin-starred chef Stephen Terry. The girl made numerous allegations of being repeatedly harassed burnt with hot water having mice thrown at her and even being shut in a freezer by a male colleague with the lid shut so she could not get out. She described the event as terrifying and shocking.

In total she has made 21 claims against her former employers and is said to have been the only female staff in employment. Maisey told the court that there were no female changing rooms so she had been forced to change in front of all the men who would jeer at her and make spiteful comments about her weight and boobs. She also recalled an incident where she had been slapped on the bum by a male colleague.

After just 3 months she handed in her notice after feeling targeted for being the only female member of the team. Not only had they laughed at her after falling over from having burning hot water squirted on her back through a hose but also rubbed fish into her face poured salt and pepper into her hair and put earwigs in a saucepan to scare her.

With this being her first job Maisey thought this treatment was normal and was too ashamed to tell anyone. Her parents were proud and her colleagues had scared her that if she did not do as she was told she would end up “flipping burgers” at MacDonalds. However eventually when it grew too much she confided in her mother.

Mrs Maisey has complained that Terry did not take her daughter’s complaints seriously and categorized them as harmful “banter”. However Terry denies the accusations and stated that the first he heard about any complains when when Mrs Maisey rang up to complain about employees hiding her daughter’s keys and threatening to kill her. Although Mr Terry asked her to put it in writing she never did.

He maintained that if these allegations did take place – that she was harassed burnt with hot water and shut in a freezer then at no point did he have the opportunity to put a stop to it. He also stated that if this were his daughter that had made these claims as a father he would have done more than a phone call.

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