GP’s are Tired, Overworked and Stressed

GPs are tired, overworked and stressed

Do you ever go to your GP complaining of being unwell and look at them and think, you look how I feel?

If you have, it seems this may be quite common. The Chair of Royal College of General Practitioners (Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard) has recently said most GPs are stressed, overworked and thus are making mistakes leading to GP Negligence. In particular, the Professor said:

‘I know of GPs who have told me that they have sleepless nights worrying about their patients, or that they’ve missed something because they’ve been constantly up against it all day long, working in ways that don’t feel safe.’

Do you want to be the patient your GP is thinking about in the middle of the night?

Despite this, there seems to be no Government initiative in place to tackle the growing workloads of GPs. Without this, it seems inevitable the care you receive at your GP Practice will fall below the standard of care to be expected. This is because being overworked leads to tiredness, tiredness leads to mistakes, and mistakes leads to negligence. Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard admitted this saying, ‘when you’re shattered, it is possible to overlook a changed prescription request, or not update a patient’s record as comprehensively as would be ideal – things that can impact on patients’ health further down the line.’

GPs are the gatekeepers and decisionmakers of the NHS. They are your first point of call when you suffer from ill health, organising amongst other things referrals, x-rays, prescriptions and amendments to your medication and treatment plans. They ultimately decide whether you need hospital or simply a break and some rest.

More and more at Michael Lewin Solicitors, we are seeing complaints come through from clients regarding below standard care their GP has provided to them. The GP’s actions or omissions can have life changing and devastating effects upon our clients and their families.

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard’s statements come as no surprise to us here at Michael Lewin Solicitors. With ever increasing demands and pressures being placed upon our vulnerable NHS Systems, cracks were bound to appear and mistakes were inevitable. Whilst we embrace and support the changes required to relieve the GPs of this pressure, patient safety is paramount. No patient or their families should have to live with the consequences or errors made by their GPs. Therefore, where your GP has failed you, Michael Lewin Solicitors promises to help put this right.

If you, or a loved one, have been let down by the medical profession and suffered an injury as a result, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Lewin Solicitors for some free on 0113 200 9780 or visit our Clinical Negligence page here, confidential advice to see if you can make a claim for GP Negligence.

Written by Kathryn Stitt

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