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Grievance Procedure – ML Expert Solicitors; Are you unsure as to whether or not your company’s grievance procedure is adequate or could leave you liable to have unhappy employees bring claims against you in an employment tribunal in Leeds?ACAS provide a guide to disciplinary and grievance procedures but if you feel that you would benefit from outside help from commercial law dispute resolution specialists you should consult the dedicated team of experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could provide a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to dispute resolution through negotiation mediation and arbitration to avoid litigation wherever possible.

HR Magazine published an article 23 February 2009 written by David Woods adding that "The new code dealing with disciplinary problems and grievances promises to make the process less confrontational than current statutory procedures".

The article goes on to say that "The removal of statutory dismissal disciplinary and grievance procedures next month is being heralded as good news for employers and employees as it will make the process ‘more reasonable and less rigid’ according to industry experts".

Have you had an employee submit a claim against your organisation to an employment tribunal as they were unhappy with the company’s grievance procedure and the outcome to their complaint at your workplace in Leeds? If you have been threatened with legal action by an employee who raised grievance within the company was unhappy with the outcome of this it can be extremely important to try to resolve the situation without a timely and costly court battle but sometimes litigation can be inevitable; in either case the dedicated commercial law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could work on your behalf to ensure the best interests of the company are protected.

The above-mentioned article further adds "Codes published by the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) set out guidelines that can be used to decide action on issues such as misconduct and poor performance as well is employee complaints".

It is reported that John Pinder HR consultant at HR insight told HR Magazine: "We are reverting to the way things were before disciplinary and grievance procedures came into effect in October 2004 when everything ticked along nicely. Employees will no longer be able to make claims against a company not following proper procedure put reasonable guidelines must now be followed and tribunal’s will be able to use reason to decide how far employers adhere to them."

If an unhappy employee has raised complaints within your organisation but has been unhappy with the outcome of your formal grievance procedure you may find they are looking to bring a claim against you to an employment tribunal and you may require expert advice and representation from experienced commercial law legal personnel to avoid timely and costly court battles; so make a no obligation call to the highly qualified professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds today to discover how our dedicated team could work on your behalf to find the best possible and most cost-effective solution for you on: 0113 200 9720.


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