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Grievances – MLS; Has an employee raised grievances within your organisation in Leeds and you are now concerned about managing these efficiently to avoid any employment tribunal action being taken against you? The highly qualified and experienced team of professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could use their expertise and resourcefulness in the field of commercial law to offer a pragmatic approach to resolving any dispute at your workplace if grievances have been raised by an employee striving to reach an amicable solution that is in the best interests of your company and when necessary providing robust representation at a court or employment tribunal hearing.

It is extremely important that employers have a formal disciplinary and grievance procedure for handling difficult situations within the workplace and that this procedure is in writing and readily available for any member of staff to read.

The ACAS Code of Practice on discipline and grievance provides basic practical guidance to employers and sets out principles handling disciplinary and grievance situations in the workplace.

Whilst a breach of the Code in itself does not make a person or organisation liable to have legal proceedings brought against them it can be taken into account if the case goes to employment tribunal and the Code has not been followed correctly.

Are you an employer who is seeking legal representation as one of your employees has submitted a claim against you to the employment tribunal after raising grievances in your workplace in Leeds? Then you should enlist the specialist services of our dedicated commercial law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could provide you with outstanding legal representation and advice to ensure that the best interests of your organisation are protected if litigation is unavoidable.

BBC News published an article 26 February 2013 reporting that “Too many “genuine complaints” about bullying harassment or sexual offences in the armed services are not being reported MPs have said”.

The article goes on to say that “The Commons defence committee called for changes to the current complaints system which it said did not command the confidence of services personnel. Armed Forces personnel reluctant to make complaints about their commanding officers the committee said.”

A document leaked in November 2012 said everyone 400 female soldiers question during an Army investigation said they had received “unwanted sexual attention” during their career. But the MPs also found that there were “continuing problems” with other types of harassment “bullying improper behaviour and victimisation” in the armed services.”

It is reported that they said “We are concerned about the continuing gap between anonymous reporting of incidents in the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey and the Recruits Training Survey and the actual number of complaints.”

The highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could work on your behalf if grievances have been raised within your organisation in Leeds that you have been unable to deal with internally to ensure that the dispute is resolved as quickly and cost effectively as conceivable avoiding employment tribunal where possible by negotiating a settlement on your behalf; so call our extremely helpful advisers today on:0113 200 9720.


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