Over Half of UK Stress Cases are Work Related

According to recent independent survey carried out by Time4Sleep.co.uk, the main cause of stress for over half of UK adults is work related.

A staggering 53% of UK adults state that their stress levels are significantly increase by work or that it is the only cause of stress in their lives.

So what is it that makes a workplace so stressful? The survey identified these key areas:

Dealing with difficult clients/customers (51%)

In nearly every service role, you will encounter an array of clients, each with their own individual levels of expectations and demands. However there are occasions where those expectations and demands can be excessive or unreasonable and can leave a worker feeling pressurised to prioritise a particular client (at the detriment of their other work obligations) or fearful of complaints which could be detrimental to their relationship with their employer.

We experience a high number of calls from individuals who experienced stress as a result of being put on performance review or disciplined resulting from an unreasonable client complaint.

A demanding boss (35.8%), long working hours (32.5%) and time management issues (29.7%)

Workload, deadlines, the fear of underperforming and any subsequent reprisals are understandably a large area of concern. Not feeling as though you can cope with your workload and/or feeling as though you have to put in an excessive amount of extra hours to keep up can be very stressful.

We receive calls from individuals who feel bullied and harassed by their boss, given unrealistic targets, being ‘set up to fail’, working an unreasonable amount of hours and threatened with disciplinary action due to their performance.

Colleague relationships (33.8%)

For most full time workers, you end up spending as much time with your work colleagues as you do your friends and family. It is therefore important to maintain a civil and professional relationship with them. However this is not always possible and your work environment can become toxic and traumatic.

We receive calls from individuals who are being threatened, bullied, harassed and even physically assaulted by their colleagues.

It appears that, for various reasons, a majority of employees are experiencing stress in their workplace, however over half (51%) are fearful of taking any time off work and citing stress as the reason for missing work.

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