Mrs Verity was awarded compensation after she was harassed at work. She made a claim with the help of Michael Lewin in the UK.

Mrs Verityhad worked for the company as a nursery nurse for 4 years. She had asked if she could go on a course to improve her qualifications. Her manageress seemed very cross that she had asked her and she found that her life was made more difficult from then onwards.

She was ignored at lunch times and if any messages had been forgotten from home or nursery she was always the one who got the blame. She became tired of working in such a stressful environment; she was upset at the constant harassment she was suffering. I have been harassed at workand I would like to make a claimin the UK.

We have been able to get our client a large pay out as she was harassed at work over a long period of time and very badly. Our client has been so pleased that she took her employer to task over her treatment. She is delighted to have won her employment claim. If Michael Lewin can help if you have been harassed at work and you would like to make a claimin the UK call 0844 499 9302 today.

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