Mrs. Briggs is victorious after her harassment at work case is settled with the help of Michael Lewin employment law specialists in the UK.

Our client worked as a cleaning services manager. She enjoyed her work as it fitted in well with her childcare needs. As the company expanded and took on larger clients she encountered her first problems.

During the course of her work at a more prestigious office our client was subjected to appalling racist remarks including that our client did not deserve to work in the offices of the prominent company where her job was based.

She informed the director of the company that she worked on behalf of that she had been subject to racist comments. Her boss did nothing. Mrs. Briggs endured the racist taunts for as long as she could hoping that the staff would grow bored. She raised the matter with the director several times but nothing was done to help her.

Through negotiation we secured a particularly favorable settlement for our client. I am the victim of harassment at work in the UK. I couldn’t recommend Michael Lewin highly enough.

If like Mrs Briggs you have been the victim of harassment at work in the UK we can help; call our professional team of employment law specialists now on: 0844 499 9302.

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