Mr Vaengetscompensation after he was a victim of harassment at work; he chose Michael Lewin employment law specialists to fight his claim.

Mr Vaen had been a refrigeration technician manager for around 6 years. New guidelines had come out and the workforce had to be sent on training courses to be able to adhere to the new guidelines that were being introduced by the EU.

Our client was not given a date to attend a course. His name was missed off the management meeting held on the last Friday of the month. He was never given the opportunity to do any overtime; upper management started to give his team unattainable targets. Fed up of the constant harassment our client came to us before he resigned.

We were able to draft his letter of resignation with him. I have been the victim of harassment at work; I would like to make a claim. Mr Vaen later found out that his job was given to a non-European team member who had worked with him for 2 years and was paid substantially less than he was.

Michael Lewin won an out of court settlement on behalf of our client reached on the day before court proceedings began. If Michael Lewin can help after you have been the victim of harassment at work and would like to make a claim call us now on:0844 499 9302.

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