Miss Callaghanreceives compensation after her harassment claim is upheld; Michael Lewin helped her to get compensation.

Miss Callaghan worked as an estate agent for 18 months. A new manager started and she found him very difficult to get along with. He was very suggestive and when she mentioned that she disliked him being so overly friendly he would mention her comments in front of the other staff at the morning sales meeting.

Our client became very paranoid and defensive. She was being harassed by her manager and the rest of the team appeared to be on his side. She came to us to help her draft a letter of resignation.

She was able to leave work and know that her compensation was being taken care of. ?From the moment I called Michael Lewin I knew I could leave them to sort my case on my behalf. For the first time in months I had someone battling in my corner; it felt wonderful.?

Will I need to pay to make a harassment at work compensation claim?
Michael Lewin work on a no win no fee basis. Our fees are charged to the other side you win 100% of the compensation you are awarded. Miss Callaghan has settled her case out of court and she has been astonished that the process has been so speedy and stress free.

If you have been unfairly sacked and you would like to make aharassment at work claim for compensation with the help of Michael Lewin call:0844 499 9302.

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