Mr Wernham wins compensation after his harassment at work claim is settled in London.

Mr Wernham had worked as the head bar manager in a busy pub for many years. He had been promoted twice internally. A new area manager was introduced. He was very open in saying that he found staff who were under 25years of age the most open to change and more flexible.

Our client is nearly 40; he was the eldest in his workplace by some considerable way. His shifts were changed constantly and he was made to perform the job of the pot washer on several occasions when the shift he had been booked for was overstaffed.

Mr Wernham felt that he was being unfairly treated and harassed at work. He raised his concerns with one of the directors; this made the situation worse. The harassment continued and he felt he had no option but to resign.

I have had a similar case of harassment at work; can I make a claimin London?
We were able to broker a deal which prevented any court action. We got our clientsome much needed compensation for the fact he had been the victim of a constructive dismissal. We were able to agree a reference.

Mr Wernham is amazed that we have been able to complete all this so quickly for him. He was able to concentrate on finding himself a new job. If you feel that have suffered because of harassment at work call Michael Lewin to start your claim todayin London on 0844 499 9302.

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