Mr Jonesis given compensation after he was harassed at work;Michael Lewin provides him with expert employment advice in London.

Mr Jonesworked as a waiter for 8 years at a local restaurant. It was a busy restaurant and his tips usually doubled his wage.

The management had decided that the tips should be split on an hourly basis to try to encourage the staff to work on the quieter days. All the staff felt that the tips were not all coming back to them. As our client had worked there for the longest he was asked to approach the manager about this.

The manager continually harassed our client from that meeting about any small thing he could. Our client resigned but he felt he had been hounded out after he had raised the concerns of the entire staff.

I have suffered after being harassed at work; can I get advice on how to claim in London?
Mr Jones is amazed that we have been able to complete all this so quickly for him. He was able to concentrate on finding himself a new job. We were able to negotiate a compensation package which was beneficial to our client. If you feel that have suffered because of beingharassed at work and you would like advicein London call Michael Lewin to start your claim today on 0844 499 9302.

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