Mr S made a head injury at work compensation claim with the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds ; we represented Mr S during his claim for compensation and were very pleased to award him with the compensation he deserved following his accident at work.

Mr S works in a job that involves machinery. The piece of machinery that Mr S had been provided with to work on was faulty. This led to Mr S having an accident in the workplace. The faulty machine caused a rail shaft to hit Mr S on the head. Mr S had a very painful head injury as a result of his accident.

Head injuries can come in many forms from minor concussion to a serious brain injury. Whether you have suffered a major or minor head injury in a workplace accident you may be entitled to compensation if the accident was not your fault.

A head injury if it is serious can cause major life changing disabilities. The brain controls all of our body motor skills whether they are fine motor skills such as the ability to hold a pen or major motor skills such as walking. Our brain also controls our bodies? functions without us even knowing about it; the brain is responsible for controlling the temperature of the human body any change +/= even a couple of degrees can have fatal results. If a head injury has been serious enough to have damaged the brain then you could be left disabled or without some of the body’s vital control functions. If this has happened through no fault of your own you will be entitled to compensation.
To make a head injury at work compensation claim you should employ the services of a professional with experience in this field; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds have been claiming compensation on behalf of our clients for over ten years and we have a very impressive track record for the speed in which we are able to settle claims.

If you have any concerns about making a claim for compensation from your employer one of our sympathetic solicitors will be able to talk you through the process to put your mind at rest we will be behind you 100% and can explain all your rights as an employee to make a claim. Not only can we explain your rights we can also help you exercise them if your employer starts to treat you differently because you are making a claim for compensation. Michael Lewin Solicitors also have a team of experts that deal with all areas relating to employment law. So don?t worry about making a claim your employer should have employer’s liability insurance which will cover the cost of you making a claim. Every employer is required to hold a valid insurance policy to protect them in such events.

If you are ready to start your claim for head injury at work compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on 0844 499 9302.

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