Michael Lewin Solicitors are experts at dealing with accidents at work; if you have suffered a head injury at work our London lawyers can claim compensation on your behalf.

Michael Lewin Solicitors helped Miss H from South Yorkshire claim £2100.00 in compensation after she received a nasty electric shock to the head from a faulty telephone headset at work.

Miss H 22 was injured in her place of work after her employer failed to provide her with safe and serviceable equipment. Miss H’s employers had a duty to protect her from harm and failed to do so in letting her use faulty equipment.

Employees can be seriously injured by way of faulty equipment which they have been given or by using defective equipment which then causes an accident. These accidents then have penalties from the employer needing to replace or re-train the member of staff who was injured to possibly paying out for rehabilitation and compensation for financial losses which the employee has suffered due to the accident.

Employers may also have to undergo an investigation and face the closure of their firm if serious negligence has resulted in a near-fatal accident on their premises. These are extreme consequences which employers rarely consider but checking equipment can prevent a great deal of heartache further down the line.

If you have suffered and injury at work one of our team of specialist accident in the workplace lawyers in London will be able to advise you as to the validity of your case. Do not delay proceeding with your case as there is a time limit for claiming compensation after an accident at work.

If your employer has failed to provide you with safe equipment or failed to provide appropriate training this could result in an accident. If you have been injured as a result of health and safety neglect you could have a case for compensation.

Harm is caused by either the action or sometimes the inaction of the employer. Some actions which could be considered harmful to employers could include an employer removing a safety guard for cutting equipment thus increasing the likelihood for an accident to occur. An inaction causing harm could be something as simple as an employer not replacing a mat by the entrance to the building and this causing a slip or trip. Another inaction which frequently occurs is employers not insisting that warning signs are in place when liquids are spilt on the floor.

If as an employee you feel that your employer has failed to either act or they have been negligent by an inaction which could reasonably have been predicted to cause an accident then you can take legal action to get compensation. Michael Lewin can provide detailed legal advice on the circumstances of your case.

Employers should be aware that non-abidance of these requirements results in very serious consequences for themselves and their employees.

Speak to one of our head injury at work specialist solicitors in London if you need advice about making a claim. Call 0844 499 9302.

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